The NMR platform gives the following courses together with the KBC and UCMR research schools:

NMR Spectroscopy in Structural Biology, Module I, 2 ECTS

NMR Spectroscopy in Structural biology, Module II, 2 ECTS

Ina Ehlers Juergen Schleucher

Biomolecular NMR - hands-on PhD course

A hands-on PhD course (2 ECTS) is organised by NMR for Life.

Venue: Swedish NMR Centre, University of Gothenburg
Dates: 14-­‐18 Oct 2013
Target group: PhD students and researchers with projects involving protein characterization by NMR
Vladislav Orekhov, Swedish NMR Centre, Univ. of Gothenburg
Martin Billeter, Chem. and Mol. Biology, Univ. of Gothenburg
Gerhard Gröbner, Umeå University, Sweden

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