NMR for Life - The Swedish NMR Infrastructure in Gothenburg and Umeå

NMR for Life is a national integrated and open-access NMR infrastructure for cutting-edge research in the fast advancing area of life science. We are funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

We provide
• national access to state-of-the-art NMR equipment for life sciences research
• open access to cutting edge NMR technology and support to wide scientific community
• Education and training in modern NMR methods and concepts
• an NMR infrastructure to ensure a leading role for Swedish life science research

We combine the competence and expertise of the two most advanced NMR laboratories in Sweden (Gothenburg and Umeå) into a national infrastructure where a wide range of different NMR applications are integrated.

The range of NMR techniques that are and will become available to Swedish researchers are unique also in an international perspective, and ensures that Swedish scientists are able to address cutting edge questions in life sciences using NMR methodology.

We are an open access infrastructure, available not only to experienced NMR users, but also to scientists that pursue research in a wide range of subjects within life sciences.

The focus of the joint infrastructure is on NMR applications in life sciences, especially structural biology, metabolomics and chemical biology.

The infrastructure provides:
• world-class equipment and competence for NMR based structural biology
• a state-of-the-art platform for advanced metabolite studies, including solution and tissue-specific metabolomics
• cutting edge NMR technology for fragment based screening and ligand-protein interaction

The joint infrastructure serves as a hub in the arrangement of advanced courses and workshops both in a national and an international perspective, and will also host a bi-annual user meeting, presenting a forum where emerging results can be presented and discussed. It will ensure that the Swedish NMR research remains at the international front in NMR-related research.

Our two sites, located at the Universities of Gothenburg and Umeå complement each other and form a joint national infrastructure with a wide range of NMR applications for life science research. This infrastructure provides unique nation-wide expertise in life sciences, where new applications emerge from well-established theories.

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